Have you ever wanted to donate toward a medical mission in a struggling country? Have you hesitated donating because you just couldn’t be sure that your donation would be used appropriately? Well, now is your opportunity! Our very own Dr. Edgar Alfaro-McField will be traveling to Santa Ana, El Salvador, on a medical mission June 30, 2017-July 10, 2017. In El Salvador Dr. Alfaro-McField and his team will be providing much needed care and supplies to the native people of this country. It is the intent of this mission trip to create a self-sustaining clinic which will continue to treat the people of the area long after the doctor and his team come home.

The medical mission is run through an organization called the 1000 Missionary Movement North America. This organization plans two mission trips per year, one is a long term trip (1 year) the other is focused on bringing medical and dental care to those in need. Past medical mission trips include Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic (please see photos enclosed). The mayor of Santa Ana has written a letter to the mission organization requesting medical supplies such as antibiotics, analgesics, small surgery equipment, and even vitamins. Your donation will not only provide this community with medical and dental professionals, but also some of the simplest, yet necessary lifesaving medications and medical equipment. If you are so inclined, please donate now by following the "Donate Now" link, select Community Hospital of San Bernardino and then select International Medical Mission from the drop down menu.